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Using his strong background in the Scripture mixed with a complex and rich imagination, Kenneth John Marks sets out to tell a dramatic but biblically rooted account of evil’s origin in the universe. He does this largely through children’s perspectives, which adds a layer of wonder and innocence to the narration that contrasts effectively with some of the less-than-innocent characters and dramatic twists. What starts off as a simple tale deepens into a riveting story of evil versus good, Lucifer’s followers against God’s, which culminates in an unforgettable battle between Lucifer as a seven-headed dragon and the Destroyer that burns and pierces him. Readers will enjoy the author’s skillful story telling and poetic prose, such as “the noonday sun reached with bright shining fingers.” Even more importantly, many readers will see their faith and life choices mirrored in the characters, inspiring prayerful self-examination and reflection

WestBow Press, a subsidiary of Thomas Nelson Publishing, a leading publisher of Christian literature has just released Rebellion (see summary below). You may see their website at
On how to order please say: You may order from the Author at or from the publisher at

An Interview with Author Kenneth John Marks – Part one of three:

Q. The review published on the cover of your book says, “Kenneth John Marks sets out to tell a dramatic but biblically rooted account of evil’s origin in the universe.” Can you elaborate?

A. I found that review interesting, because while that was not the primary goal of writing Rebellion, it was the ultimate result, in part. As to the origins of evil in the universe, God makes it clear that He creates darkness (spiritual darkness) and disaster. See Isaiah 45:6b – 7. So Rebellion makes it clear that God is sovereign over evil. God created Lucifer, knowing full well that he would rebel. Since God is sovereign, he ultimately bears responsibility for all that happens in creation, whether He allows it to happen or causes it Himself. To say this a different way, nothing happens in creation that God does not allow. And we should find great comfort in this because God is good and just, so that we know that we, his children, will not suffer more than He allows and that Satan and the forces of darkness can have no victory over us.

Q. The review also talks about this story being told through children’s perspectives. How did you choose to write the story from the view point of the two little boys, and the children hearing Phinehas’ story?

A. I have always been fascinated by children. Now I’ve never had any of my own, but observing and interacting with them over the years, I’ve found that they have a tremendous capacity to understand what’s going on around them, much more capacity than many adults give them credit for. Also Scripture says (I’m paraphrasing now) that unless you come to the Kingdom of God as a little child, you cannot enter it. (See Matthew 18:2 and Mark 10:15). When I fully accepted that principle in my own Christian walk, my spiritual life changed dramatically for the better. So I’m hoping that readers might be influenced to this same end by the children’s perspectives in Rebellion.




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