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A Christian’s Heart 1 – 7 – 2013 (Update 1 – 10 – 2013)

The Dark Truth Update 2 (1 – 10 – 2013)

This update does not qualify as a “dark truth” but rather as a wonderful ray of light in the moral, ethical and intellectual darkness that has taken hold of this country and is destroying it, brick by brick. One of the foundational “bricks” of our freedom is the right to keep and bear arms. In the this article, The right to Shoot Tyrants, not Deer Andrew Napolitano of the Washington Times gives an excellent analysis of why the Founding Fathers gave us the 2nd Amendment.

Once we lose the right to bear arms—which was given for our self-defense, not only against criminals but against tyrannical rulers—the leftist tyrants will be able to do any horrible thing to us they want to and we will be powerless to stop them. (See how Stalin and other bloodthirsty tyrants used this power in the Black Book of Communism referenced below.) This is the reason for the title of the article. It does not sanction violence for any other purpose than to allow us to defend ourselves against criminals and against the stormtroopers when they come to our homes to take those of us who oppose them to the gulags that will surely spring up once they have complete control. If the tyrant knows that we can and will defend ourselves, it’s unlikely that he would send the stormtroopers in the first place.

The Dark Truth Update (1 – 7 – 2013)

Lest some of you think my warning is for the birds, here’s the warning of a trained psychiatrist concerning our society:

Watch for an epidemic of depression and suicidality, not to mention homicidality, as the real self-loathing and hatred of others that lies beneath all this narcissism rises to the surface.  I see it happening and, no doubt, many of you do, too.

We had better get a plan together to combat this greatest epidemic as it takes shape.  Because it will dwarf the toll of any epidemic we have ever known. And it will be the hardest to defeat. Because, by the time we see the scope and destructiveness of this enemy clearly, we will also realize, as the saying goes, that it is us.

You can read the whole article here.

The Dark Truth

I recently saw a movie called The Dark Truth that was typical Hollywood garbage. In the movie a private corporation, engaged by the Ecuadorean government to provide fresh water to the countryside, messes up. One of their filtering systems goes bad and allows a typhus epidemic to break out in a remote village. Since, in Hollywood, all corporations are corrupt, venal, and murderous (like most of the “entertainment” that spews out of that diseased place), we are not too surprised to find that the corporation bribed corrupt Ecuadorean soldiers to put the village to the torch, killing everyone, to prevent the epidemic from spreading. Of course the CEO and part owner of the corporation understands that if word of the mess-up and the ensuing atrocity spreads, it would ruin his company, which than had a multi-billion dollar water-rights deal pending with the South African government.

But there was a witness, and one of the corporate owners (the CEO’s sister, also an owner) has an attack of conscience. She seeks out that witness to bring the sins of her corporation to light. She eventually finds him and, after a lot of murder and destruction (are we surprised?), justice is done.

At the end of the movie, the witness, played by Forest Whitaker, says that water rights (or anything else the public uses, presumably) should never reside in private hands, because the government can more justly distribute them. And, presumably, the atrocities that occurred at the hands of this evil (of course) private company would (presumably) never have happened if the government controlled the water rights. And, I would guess, knowing the socialist predilection of just about every Hollywood denizen, it goes without saying that everything would be sweetness and light if the government (controlled, presumably, by these same enlightened actors or by politicians they approve of) owned everything else under the sun. Now, you can see the deadly results of the government owning and controlling everything in Stalinist Russia, North Korea and Cuba, and China. Read The Black Book of Communism, (Panné, Andrzej Paczkowski, Karel Bartosek and Jean-Louis Margolin (Oct 15, 1999) available here.

This is, of course, a load of bull roar. The naivete expressed in this last statement would be touching if it weren’t so delusional and full of nonsense, and ultimately tragic. Let’s think of the ways.

It was the government of Ecuador that sold off the water rights in the first place. It was the all powerful corrupt government officials who allowed the water company to prosper, and who helped carry out the destruction of the village. Were there corrupt men/women in the water company? Yes. Are there corrupt men/women in government? Just smell the roses. Were their men/women in the company willing to commit murder to protect their interests? Yes. Are there corrupt men/women in governments around the world willing to do the same? Think, for example, of any government in the third world, or the Middle East, or most anywhere else for that matter. (Under the socialist tyrants that now rule this country, our government is not far behind.)

Here is the key difference between allowing private companies to provide vital public services and keeping them in government hands. It’s possible to control private companies. Governments can revoke their rights to do business; managers can be arrested and imprisoned if found guilty of wrongdoing; shareholders can depose corrupt and/or incompetent management; and profits and losses are a powerful motivating factor to get companies to operate in the best interests of everyone including their owners and their customers. If private companies run out of control, it’s only because governments and politicians look the other way.

But there is no way to effectively control murderous, greedy, corrupt government bureaucrats. History is replete with examples of this truth: Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Hugo Chavez, almost any Islamic ruler and the list goes on and on. In fact the movie Les Mis, just released, shows how a corrupt government oppresses its people. See also how the Benghazi fiasco, an example of wanton criminal negligence by the White House, was covered up its propaganda arm, the mainstream media, and washed away during the last election. (I wonder if Joseph Goebbels is looking up from the pit of Hell, wishing his own propaganda ministry in Germany had been as effective.)

Our own government, once a democracy, but now a tyranny of the left, aided and abetted by a this very effective left-wing propaganda mill, is headed in this direction. (I claim that we are no longer a real democracy. For if the citizens of any country are not provided with the information they need to make informed choices—like our press’s refusal to get to the bottom of the causes of the Benghazi fiasco and of the many other criminal failings of the current administration—the voters are effectively neutered. The reelection of Barack Obama, despite his being the most miserable and intellectually and ethically corrupt president we’ve had in the last hundred years, is testimony to this dark truth.)

Step by step, the left and their media lackeys are doing away with our freedoms. Now under attack are the guarantees of the second amendment, which was written for the very purpose of insuring that the government could not abuse its citizens by force of arms.   We long ago lost the right to receive just compensation for property expropriated for “public” (read that “some politician’s”) use. And this president is determined to bypass Congress to rule this land according to his enlightened, radical socialist left-wing vision for America.

So now, as the all-powerful left wing moves us to bigger and bigger government, we become less and less free. When the thought police are able to effectively control all conversation they find objectionable (as has already happened on many major college campuses), when government controls every significant thing in our economy (and those on the left are working their hardest to get to this point), we will look around and wonder how we got to this awful place. Then it will be too late to reverse this atrocity. I believe social strife will increase and inevitably lead to violence: class against class and race against race. (There have already been hints of such sentiments percolating on the web. See here for example.)

Why is this happening? We have rejected God and His moral values. I’m deeply afraid that He has given us over to the depravity that now defines our society, which includes abortion-on-demand, homosexuality and all other types of sexual immorality, ethical corruption, truth being turned on its head by the mainstream media, and the politics of character assassination. I also believe this will ultimately destroy the America we loved.