A Christian’s Heart 12-22-12

Sandy Hook Elementary School: Tragedy of Many Tragedies

Horrendous! A tragedy of unthinkable proportions struck America at the Sandy Hook Elementary School this last Friday, December 14. Adam Lanza, clearly harboring a demonic spirit, murdered 20 little children and six adults including his own mother. I cannot imagine what terrible pain and grief the parents of those children must be feeling. How awful for them! How many bitter tears have we all wept in sympathy with them!

Here is a profile of killer:

A 20-year-old man grows up in America with every luxury imaginable. He is incapable, we are told, of feeling any pain. He is excruciatingly shy and utterly isolated. He is not able to fathom that other people around him have emotions and feelings. Computers and modern technology are his most treasured haven. He plays, we are told, vividly lifelike and violent video games that coach perfect muscle memory for quickly killing large numbers of people without a hint of remorse. Then someone — reportedly, his mother — teaches this unstable sociopath how to shoot guns and then leaves the guns so they somehow become available to him. And then, emerging from his isolation, he lashes out and kills at random 20 small children in retaliation for his own miserable life. (My emphasis)

Seeing what this poor man filled his mind with, it is clear that this awful crime was a product of a society distorted by evil; a society that is spiritually dead; a society where every kind of filth imaginable is produced and disseminated by the main stream media. This crime did not originate because of our second amendment right to carry guns. It came about due to the complete moral and spiritual degeneracy of American society.

America has been sowing the seeds of destruction for many decades now. And these poor little children are the victims of the fruit that these seeds have borne. Grief fills me as I predict that this is not the last such horrendous incident we will experience. All the gun control laws in the world will not stop determined wicked people from carrying out their evil schemes. (See the stabbing deaths on the very same day of twenty-two children in China, which has very strict gun control laws, on the same day! Deadly assaults on children in China are not unusual, according to this article.)

We have to restore the moral and spiritual values in our society that will turn people away from filling their minds with the filth that fills our airwaves, movies, literature, and political and other public discourse. Values that will turn people away from committing the daily atrocities that are committed against American children each day in the form of abortion on demand.

Let’s talk about grief. I said I can’t imagine the pain and grief the parents of these little children are feeling. How much less can I imagine the pain and grief—and wrath—that the LORD our God must be feeling as He watches America embrace the utter darkness that fills our society. I know one man who’s going to reap the horrible fruit of God’s grief: Adam Lanza; for now he will stand in the presence of the LORD our God and experience His wrath in all its horrendous totality.

But there were approximately 2200 other little children murdered the same day as those twenty at Sandy Hill. (See graph here. Latest data are for 2009 in which about 800,000 abortions took place.) They were legally murdered while still in their mother’s wombs by the abortion factories of this country. Where is the grief for them? We have this demonic abortion horror creeping among us every day, and we do nothing about it.

But God will certainly do something about it if we do not repent and turn away from it. If God will vent his wrath on the shooter at that school, how much more do you think He will vent his wrath on a nation that legally murders its most innocent citizens? How much more will those who kill the unborn and who profit from the killing of the unborn also experience God’s wrath, if not in this life, certainly in the next?

We are a nation in deep trouble. We are seeing America’s death throes now. Unless we return to God, the America we knew and loved will be destroyed, mostly by the hands of its own inhabitants.

How sad!


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