A Christian’s Heart 2-27-2012

America the Fool Part II

(A Budding Tyranny in America )

(Update 3 1 2012)

I may not issue my next blog on March 5.  There is much to research on how the Nanny State we have been building has been enslaving us. The article referenced in the previous update gives but a hint of how our freedoms have been eroded by the idea that we need a Big Brother government to tell us how to live our lives.

America the Fool Part II

(A Budding Tyranny in America )

(Update 2 29 2012)

This article, which talks about how intrusive our government has become, confirms my fears as stated below. We are in a heap of trouble in this country.

America the Fool Part II

(A Budding Tyranny in America )

“For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools …” (Rom 1:21-22)

As mentioned in my February 19 blog, since the Supreme Court declared that prayer and the Bible could not be taught in our schools, America has gradually ceased to be a Christian nation and has become a pagan nation.

We now live in a terrifying time in America. As all of us who worship the Lord Jesus Christ and believe His Word know, there are dire consequences for turning from God. (There is hope to avoid these consequences, however, if America repents.) As a result we are losing the liberty that God has granted us and exchanging it for tyranny based on a cult of personality surrounding our president and a destructive collectivist philosophy that champions group rights rather than individual rights; that asserts that government can solve all our problems; and that filters everything through a race/class/gender lens which, for example,

–         demonizes white males (see the Duke Lacrosse case  ) but stereotypes African-Americans (especially women) either as always being victims of racism (Crystal Mangum in the Duke case) or as “… a moral paragon — spiritually elevated, or somehow magically gifted person who exists mainly to guide or help white people”;

–         demonizes certain classes of society (e.g. the rich elites as in the Duke Lacrosse case, or as our president labels them “millionaires and billionaires”) and assumes that these classes intentionally victimize the poor by finding ways to not pay their fair share of taxes;

–         and assumes that women never make false accusations of rape or sexual harassment against men, especially white men. (See “Wendy Murphy”  of the Duke Lacrosse Case” and how the media buys into this twisted view of reality.) It also assumes that any non-African-American man accused of rape or sexual assault is guilty as charged.

Twentieth century tyrannies all manifested themselves as follows: there was an absolute and ruthless (“they bring a knife, we bring a gun” ) leader who ruled through a personality cult and who had absolute contempt for the rule of law (as required by our Constitution); and all public media was controlled by this leader so that it faithfully filtered everything through the lens of whatever political dogma (e.g. Marxist-Leninism, the race/class/gender filter) the ruler adhered to.

Clearly in this country a personality cult is being built around President Obama. The 2008 campaign seemed surreal to me, as if some terrific delusional spirit had descended on America. It was so profound that in some quarters, candidate Obama was referred to as God: “In a way Obama is standing above the country, above the world. He’s sort of GOD. He’s going to bring all different sides together.” – Newsweek editor Even Thomas, June 6, 2009. (Quoted here.  Note also that Obama has certainly failed to “bring all sides” together,  as evidence by the rage that is tearing this country apart.) This cult is being built by a sycophantic press: there was no vetting of candidate Obama, no real critical examination of the qualifications he would bring to the presidency, no real analysis of who he was and how his relationships with the left-wing radical’s radical Saul Alinsky and with known terrorists such as Bill Ayers and anti-Semite hate mongers such as Jeremiah Wright had shaped his personality.

This lap-dog like adoration has continued into his presidency as this report by ABC News  shows. It is nothing but a propaganda piece for the president. Here, they quote several statements of our president without questioning their truth when so many of them were clearly akin to campaign rhetoric. For example, President Obama is quoted as saying about negotiating with Republicans:

“It was heartbreaking to get so close and see politics get in the way,” he said.  “They’ve [the Republicans] walked away …  So let’s be honest.  I need a dance partner here — and the floor is empty”  leaving the President “enforcing flawed laws in the most humane and best possible way.”

Now, there were many public statements made by others that Obama reneged on promises he had made in his negotiations; in some cases he himself stormed out of meetings when he wasn’t getting his way. This type of sycophantic reporting casts our president as a “victim” of evil forces working against him and his standing valiantly up to them, “enforcing flawed laws in the most humane and best possible way.” Hence the personality cult.

The news media in this country is completely captive to our president’s destructive and evil collectivist, race/class/gender philosophy and never deigns to say anything critical of our president or of his method of governing. The subservience of the press to President Obama and his political philosophy was demonstrated vividly in the 2008 presidential campaign.

Now that the media is captive to a single destructive philosophy, it cannot therefore be faithful in reporting the truth. In fact, Media critic Alex Pereen has said that “It’s not exactly surprising, but it’s always good to be able to point to specific evidence that there are, in the mass media, absolutely no consequences for blatant, constant lying.” Note that reporting lies in the press is so prevalent that the quote starts off with “It’s not exactly surprising”. Lest you think this applies only to cable news (which was the target of the article), see this analysis by the American Institute of Journalism of the execrable reporting by all media on the Duke Lacrosse case. In this example, the three players maliciously and falsely accused of rape had been all but tried, convicted and hanged by the press, as they filtered the story through their race (black woman)/class (“rich kids”)/gender (“white males”) lens. This is not unique to the Duke case. Recently the New York Times did another hatchet job on a young white athlete at an elite (e.g. “exclusive for the rich”) school, Patrick Wit. Race was not an issue here but gender sure was: the story presumed that any white male who was accused of some form of sexual assault, no matter how “informal” the accusation, was guilty.

And here’s what’s so frightening about this failure of our national news organizations: they don’t have to be “controlled” by a ruthless ruler to reliably spout his propaganda. No, indeed, they have voluntarily decided to be the propaganda arm of this president, his party, and of the political philosophy he follows.

The cult-like reverence for our President—a president who has said that he wants to “go it alone” and avoid having to deal with congress; who has burning contempt for those who disagree with him; and who has shown an equally flaming contempt for the law of the land (as in his failure to defend the “Defense of Marriage Act”)—and the media’s failure to really dig into the truths about how this man governs and of the statements he makes, shows signs that we American’s are indeed in great danger of losing our freedom.

In my next blog (March 5) I will talk about how our President’s and his party’s collectivist, race/class/gender based policies are destroying our freedoms as well.


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